Wetty Wet Wipes Review / Paraben and Alcohol Free

Baby wet wipes are one of the most essential item in ones maternity bag. Today the use of disposable diapers are way more than what it use to be back in days. We have ample options of diaper brands to choose from and same goes for wet wipes. I did not experiment much with diapers but I keep trying new wet wipe brands. If they don’t suit Aryan for some reason I use them for cleaning my face so they never go for waste ;).

I came across this brand called “Wetty” few months back  while I was ordering the regular monthly pack of diapers. Now that Aryan is 2.5 yrs old we generally use water to clean the poop but we need wet wipe when we are out or occasionally at home.


Why was I drawn towards this new brand of wipes?

First thing was the flap protective cover and secondly that it was Paraben Free.


My first Impression

First thing one will notice and love is its pleasant floral fragrance, I bought the ‘Cherry Blossom’ one. It is also available in ‘Sea Breeze’  fragrance which I haven’t tried as yet. When I first took out the wipe I thought it was smaller than the ones I have used earlier. Apart that my first impression was pretty good.


Real Time Test

Each time I buy a new product for Aryan I make sure to test it on myself for few days before trying on him. Best test is to use it on one’s face. Baby skin is super soft and so is our face skin and hence its a good start. I was happy as it did not irritate nor burn my skin or eyes.

Next I started using it for Aryan and as expected he had  no issues after using it. This is my third pack and hence after using it extensively I am here to pen down my review and recommend it to all other moms (P.S. If you are all about brand name then this might not appeal to you and I guess if you have read this far then you are one like me who is all about good product and not just name).



  • I love its texture, it feels as if cotton woven into a rectangular shape.
  • It comes with a flap closer which is one of the best thing. It’s very sturdy and keeps the wipes from drying.
  • Super soft on skin
  • Paraben Free & Alcohol Free
  • Price point is amazing (watchout for discounts and combo offers)
  • Moisturizes pretty well
  • Expiry is about 3 years (pretty good for kids who are getting potty trained and does not require wipes much)



  • Size is a bit smaller than few other brands though not extremely small hence does its job well.
  • Claims Extra thick whereas is same as majorly all other brands
  • It is not completely natural. (Ingredients list in a pic below)


Price and Where to buy from

Its available on Amazon and Firstcry (Link provided below). MRP is Rs 150 whereas do look for discounts and combo offers.

FirstCry –

Amazon –



Final Verdict

I will definitely recommend this product to every mother. Its cost effective, paraben free, no alcohol and best part it comes with the plastic flap closer. 

Go for it moms you and your baby will love this product.

Don’t forget to leave your views in the comments below 🙂 Thanks

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