Ormeal Fruit Puree / Review / Giveaway / 100% Organic / 100% Natural

I recently came across this product on Firstcry while looking for some healthy food options for Aryan. I wanted something that is travel friendly as well as easy for toddlers to drink themselves.

Aryan has always stayed only with me during the day so I know all his tantrums and also how to manage them. I have some family issues due to which I will be forced to stay away from him during the day for more than a week. He will be with his grandparents during most of the daytime. Aryan generally eats his fruits but its not always easy as he shows lot of tantrums these days and I have to find different ways to feed him. My In laws are not use to taking care of him as they stay in a different city and to ease their life a little I ordered “Ormeal Fruit Puree”. Β On days when he wouldn’t cooperate with my in laws they can easily give him one pack and his daily portion of fruits will be taken care of.



P.S. Don’t forget to participate in the giveaway. details at the end of the article.Β 

Lets talk about some more good points

  • 100% Organic
  • 100% Natural
  • Only Pureed Organic Fruit
  • No added sugar,salt or water
  • No milk or milk products
  • No preservatives
  • Easily available on all leading e-commerce websites



Lets talk about cons

  • Price is tad bit on a higher side but I would say its worth it.
  • Not available on local store

Ways to use the Puree

  • Can be consumed directly
  • Add it to the pancake mixture
  • Add it to cooked oats
  • For older kids serve it as dip with cucumber or carrot sticks
  • Can be used in cupcakes also

Ormeal Puree comes in two variants

  1. Only Apple Puree
  2. Mix fruit i.e Apple, Strawberry and Banana


Aryan is totally in love with both flavors and asks for them every day. Its a great option for younger kids who cannot eat fruits and also for those kids who doesn’t want to eat fruits. I would say give this one a try for once to know if your kids like them.


Price :

Rs 130 – Apple Pure and Rs 135 Mix Fruit Puree

Available on Amazon, Firstcry, Bigbasket, and Baby Chakra.

Exciting Giveaway for all my followers where 1 of you have the opportunity to win combo pack from my end. Rules are as below

  • Comment on this article
  • Follow my blog
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And thats about it. Hope you all will participate in this simple giveaway and win some packs for your kiddo.

Best of Luck πŸ™‚

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