Birthday Celebration at Pizza Hut

I am a Domino’s person and my husband is not fond of pizzas as such but can eat it when he is not in mood for good food 😉

My Birthday was on a weekday and hubby would be busy with some official work so we decided to celebrate it in advance. I got to choose the place because hubby was still full due to the chicken biryani from lunch.

The plan that day started from roadside food to McDonald’s and ended at Pizza Hut. My past experiences weren’t that great so I was a little apprehensive but then I had heard they have improved their pizzas and were much better so I decided to give it a shot.

We were looking for a place that would have high chair as sometimes it gets difficult to manage Aryan. That is when McDonald’s and Pizza Hut came to our mind.


We went to the Camac Street Outlet which is in the same complex as Pantaloons. Parking is easily available there hence we choose this place. Ambiance is very chic, I really like the decor. It was simple but not boring, vibrant but not flashy. They have sofas as well as chairs, we didn’t get the high chair as Aryan was pretty comfortable on sofa.




Lot of things have changed since I last visited. They have recently launched 11 new pizzas in an improved avatar.

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Menu looked quite promising and has some really good options. I love pizzas so my mouth was already watering 😉 . Anyways coming to what I ordered – I ordered the “Triple Treat Meal” – Meal for 2


We choose “Chicken Sausage & Tikka” with Stuffed Crust


Along with that we added two 7 up’s for the price of one.

Taste and Quality

Because we had a toddler along we had to order something for him to munch on and combo meals were best for that.

So the combo came with 1 Medium pizza , 1 Garlic Bread with dip and Potato Wedges. First they served both the appetizers and then came the pizzas.


Lets Talk about the Appetizer first. Potato wedges were crispy and had proper seasoning. I thought the quantity was less, am not sure if it was due to it being part of the combo or even in regular the quantity is same. On the bill the price mentioned was Rs 161 and for that price quantity was extremely low, also that it doesn’t come with any dip was a downside. I wouldn’t order it again except if its with a combo. Aryan enjoyed them a lot.

I was very happy to see the garlic bread as it looked very similar to Domino’s (Sorry for comparing but I couldn’t help it). Honestly taste was not that great, it was kind of ok. Wasn’t soft instead some strips were a bit chewy.  Aryan loves Domino’s Garlic Bread but here he had just little.



Now lets talk about the pizza. First impression – good amount of toppings and cheese. Looked well baked and yummy.


We had ordered stuffed crust, it was good but no where near to domino’s cheese burst. If I stop comparing then it had good base and quite a lot of toppings.

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Biggest plus point was that they have improved their crust. It was way way better than it use to taste earlier. I am so glad they changed it and bought some really good new flavours.

Final Verdict

It took me long to re-visit pizza hut after my past experiences but this time it won’t take that long. I love how beautiful the camac street outlet is, very nice dinning place. New improved pizzas will definitely be the reason for me going back. I enjoyed the pizza to be honest. If you go for combo you save a lot and you can save more in case you do take away or order from home as they do have buy 1 get 1 or 50% off offers on some days. They don’t deliver in my area so that a downside.

I wish the staff was little friendly, they all seems as if they were forced to work there and are not interested. I have been to some restro/cafe where food is not the highlight but the staff is super friendly and it makes the whole experience much better.

Was it worth the money

I would say it was just because of the ambiance and pizza. So if you are going there go for combo or just pizzas.



In total we had a great time and Aryan enjoyed a lot. He even got a balloon at the end and got to ring the bell.


Do leave a comment on how your experience was if you ever visited and if there is any pizza that I must try next time.

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