New launch of Mother Sparsh 99% unscented Water Based Wipes |Best for Super Sensitive Skin

Wipes are your best friend when you become a parent, they are used almost everywhere to clean a baby. For this we really need a brand we can trust and Mother Sparsh is exactly the answer. Mother Sparsh is one of the best wet wipes brand in India. I have used their previous variant and have been using it for couple of months. Recently Mother Sparsh launched their unscented 99% water based wipes which claims to be #SensitiveBabyWipes and thus best for face and body both.


Let’s talk about what’s good and new about these wipes.

Best for Pre-Term babies

Aryan being a pre-term child and I was most concerned about everything I used on his skin. Back in early 2016 there were very few (read expensive) options for premature babies or super sensitive skin. Be it Diapers, Lotions or even wipes. I was very scared to use wipes on his face and ended up using soft cloth but then I always felt it’s not the safest option. He even developed skin issues during his 5-6 months and we had to refer to a skin specialist who recommended stopping using everything which is not dermatologically tested. We had to buy expensive creams and lotions from pharmacy as nothing was easily available. Back then there was very little awareness about chemicals used in baby products such as Alcohol, Parabens etc. I wish Mother Sparsh was available back then but having said that I am glad we have them now which are Hypoallergenic and #UnscentedBabyWipes, they use #Medicalgradefabric which is best for super sensitive baby skin.



One of the biggest concerns with big packs of wet wipes is that they get dry before it’s over, almost all other affordable brand comes with stick on closure which losses its ability to stick with repeated use. The new premium wipes comes with Moisture Lock Lid. This is one of the most essential things as it helps retain moisture till the last wipes.


Gentle on baby’s skin

Another thing that most moms are concerned about is that if the wipes are suitable for their baby’s sensitive skin. Mother Sparsh New Premium Wipes are made with 99% Unscented Wet Wipes and are free from harmful chemicals. These are made from 99% pure water which makes it very gentle on baby soft skin.


Thickness and Material used

These wipes are made up of 3x Thicker, Velvet Soft, and Medical Grade Cloth which makes them best for Hand, Mouth and Body Cleaning. I carry these wipes everywhere I go and use it extensively at home during this winter cold. Now I am not worried about using wipes on this face, I clean his face, nose and mouth with these wipes and they do no harm to his baby soft skin. #superthickwaterwipes


100% Biodegradable

Moreover the wipes are not only good for infants skin they are equally good for the environment too. This is because the wipes are made of plant pulp which is decomposable in nature which means the wipes are 100% biodegradable and safe for mother earth.

mother sparsh


At the end I would say these wipes are all in all value for money and are one of the best wipes you will find in the market currently plus these are quite affordable.

Pack of 72 wipes comes for Rs. 299. Available on all leading e-commerce sites like Amazon, FirstCry etc. Do give them a try to experience all of its benefits.

Hope you liked this simple review, if you did please don’t forget to leave a comment below, it will mean a lot to me.

Thank You 🙂

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