Ice Apple/Taal Shash – Best Fruit Ever

Ice apples are known as ‘Taal Shash’ in Bengali but our family referred it as ‘Tad Gola’. Different places different names but ice apples are one power packed fruit and not to forget it’s yummy too. My childhood summers was filled with Mangoes , Lychees and ‘Tad Gola’, it wasn’t just mangoes so I want to pass that onto my son also.

Fruits are the best and most natural source of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fiber. Snacking on fruits is always better than any sort of junks available in the market. Once your child gets older and gets exposed to the world full of thousands of unhealthy options its better to get them into the habit of eating fruits.


‘Tad Gola’ or ‘Palm Fruit’ or ‘Ice Apples’ are

  1. Rich source of Vitamin B complex, A & C.
  2. It’s also rich in fiber, potassium, zinc and calcium.
  3. During summers it helps prevent dehydration.
  4. Helps fight fatigue
  5. Helps in better digestion
  6. prevents from getting heat stroke
  7. Low in GI
  8. Helps in weight loss
  9. Helps in prevention of breast cancer

It has a jelly like texture and mildly sweet so kids get attracted to it. It’s little harder than a Lychee but has similar texture. Lychees are sweeter than ‘Tad Gola’. 

I make it a point to take my son to the market and show him how these beauties are taken out from hard outer shells. My son called it “Dab” means Tender coconut ,the first time he ate it. It does taste somewhat same. He enjoys going to the market and very patiently waits for his turn to get the ice apples.


You wont find these being sold at the regular fruit market as its a task to take them out of their hard exterior. In Kolkata every local market will have at least one vendor who will only sell these.

One fruit with so many health benefits and still tastes amazing, what else will one want. We as family love ice apples and consume them on regular basis. I am glad my son is also getting into the habit of eating his fruits and enjoying them.

IMG_20180511_092441 (1)

Tip: Try to involve your kids in cooking process or grocery shopping. This will build up their interest in the end product and they will enjoy eating it too. Try it, who knows it might work.

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